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Have you been putting off plumbing work? Well now is the time to get those plumbing projects done with the help of the professionals from Schoofs Plumbing Company!

  • Save money and the environment at the same time
  • Older toilets use at least 3.5 gallons of water to flush. If flushed 8 times per day, that's 10,220 gallons per year!
  • A new 1.5 gallon per flush toilet uses only 4,380 gallons per year!
  • That's less than half of the older toilets saving you precious money on your water bill.
  • Give us a call to set up a free estimate on replacement of one or more of your toilets.
  • We can also advise you about other Green and Money Saving items, such as....

    • Water Saving Shower Heads
    • On-demand water heaters - get up to $1,500 in tax credits
    • Water Saving Fixtures

Give us a call for a free estimate on these or any of your plumbing needs!

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